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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#39 Plugin dependencies assigned feature major 0.6 Fawkes
#61 Interface allocation with dynamic field sizes new feature major 0.6 Fawkes
#80 Centralized vision configuration new enhancement major RC2009 FireVision
#138 bbsync: support interface type and ID patterns new feature major Fawkes
#139 skiller: create interfaces based on skill configuration reviewing enhancement major Fawkes
#149 Deadlock on left-over semaphores new defect major Fawkes
#284 odometry lag assigned defect major Carologistics
#352 clean up config reloading & auto-saving new defect major Fawkes
#367 NavGraph should optimally choose path start node new enhancement major Fawkes
#391 Laserlines near walls new defect major Fawkes
#397 Lua 5.3 compatibility new enhancement major Fawkes
#399 colli: must provide all drive-modes for all driving types new defect major Fawkes
#406 laser min_merge does not work in the RCLL insertion zone (maybe at -y ?) new defect major Fawkes
#99 Consolidate plugins and tools new task minor 0.6 Fawkes
#113 Remove Nao hacks from V4L2Camera new defect minor Fawkes Nao
#175 Configurable compile time configuration accepted feature minor Fawkes
#230 tabletop-objects: non-existing objects new defect minor Fawkes
#289 Please add a AppData application description accepted enhancement minor Fawkes
#372 Skill doc: align_laserlines, align_tag, approach_mps accepted defect minor Fawkes
#408 plugins/mps-laser-gen dependencies new enhancement minor Carologistics
#361 Missing dependency for Fedora package fawkes-devenv new defect trivial Fawkes
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