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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#29 Thread performance/runtime assessment new AllemaniACs feature major
#39 Plugin dependencies assigned tim feature 0.6 major
#45 Transparent multi-instance Fawkes new AllemaniACs feature major
#61 Interface allocation with dynamic field sizes new tim feature 0.6 major
#80 Centralized vision configuration new tim enhancement RC2009 major
#125 Skiller Dependency Enforcement accepted bahram feature major
#129 Enhance SkillGUI for multi-channel skill execution accepted bahram enhancement major
#138 bbsync: support interface type and ID patterns new tim feature major
#139 skiller: create interfaces based on skill configuration reviewing tim enhancement major
#149 Deadlock on left-over semaphores new tim defect major
#264 tabletop-objects: refactor reviewing thofmann task major
#279 Changing syntax of defining an hsm (transitions,states) to improve readability of skill Lua files reviewing bahram enhancement major
#281 implement syncpoint library reviewing thofmann enhancement major
#284 odometry lag assigned tim defect major
#294 tabletop-objects: fix transformation of objects reviewing thofmann defect major
#315 try_recover doesn't check if plugin has been unloaded reviewing thofmann defect major
#321 readylogagent plugin segfaults when closing fawkes accepted ggierse defect major
#323 readylogagent: wrapper for config reviewing ggierse feature major
#340 Improve driving (focus on colli) accepted tneumann enhancement GO2015 major
#346 WaitCondition: Deadlock on thread_cancel reviewing thofmann defect major
#347 kalman filter powered object tracking new sreuter enhancement major
#348 object tracking - track clusters with highest likelihood new sreuter enhancement major
#352 clean up config reloading & auto-saving new tim defect major
#366 EclBlackboard: bb_disconnect/0 doesn't disconnect from the blackboard reviewing thofmann defect major
#367 NavGraph should optimally choose path start node new tim enhancement major
#371 ppgoto does not properly handle errors accepted jrothe defect major
#382 Stop the time in skills to find bottlenecks accepted jrothe task major
#388 agent: C2/C3 blocking machines while waiting for production new mloebach defect major
#391 Laserlines near walls new tim defect major
#395 Fixed output of exploration skill new tneumann enhancement major
#396 Update design of gripper z-alignment with stepper motor new jrothe enhancement major
#397 Lua 5.3 compatibility new tim enhancement major
#398 agent: if robot drops out with a base in gripper remove product from order new mloebach defect major
#399 colli: must provide all drive-modes for all driving types new tim defect major
#401 Why not use the generic goto in robotino skill space new jrothe defect major
#403 agent: split base insertion into driving and actual insertion accepted mloebach defect major
#405 Arduino-plugin loaded as meta-plugin sometimes doesn't receive a loop-call new nlimpert defect major
#406 laser min_merge does not work in the RCLL insertion zone (maybe at -y ?) new tim defect major
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