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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#99 Consolidate plugins and tools new tim task 0.6 minor
#113 Remove Nao hacks from V4L2Camera new tim defect minor
#175 Configurable compile time configuration accepted tim feature minor
#230 tabletop-objects: non-existing objects new tim defect minor
#265 tabletop-objects: unit tests new thofmann task minor
#269 urdf: add /kinect/image documentation new thofmann task minor
#270 urdf: document angles new thofmann task minor
#274 create openrave package for Fedora new thofmann task minor
#289 Please add a AppData application description accepted tim enhancement minor
#337 agent: more modular clips agent new fzwilling enhancement minor
#344 tabletop-obj-vis: tabletop is not visualized if object-detection is disabled new thofmann defect minor
#358 openrave: add proper Wiki documentation accepted bahram task minor
#365 colli: allow modification of tolerances new bahram enhancement minor
#372 Skill doc: align_laserlines, align_tag, approach_mps accepted tim defect minor
#374 Skill doc: check_tag, conveyor_align, drive_into_field new vmatare defect minor
#375 Skill doc: drive_tag, drive_to_local, drive_to_global assigned nlimpert defect minor
#376 Skill doc: drive_to, enable_switch, explore_zone assigned dkuenster defect minor
#377 Skill_doc: get_product_from, global_motor_move, global_move_laserlines accepted mloebach defect minor
#378 Skill doc: goto, goto_waypoints, motor_move new tneumann defect minor
#381 Skill doc: relgoto, shelf_pick, shelf_put reviewing chenke defect minor
#386 agent: log times to find bottlenecks new mloebach task minor
#394 Add MPS to map new tneumann enhancement minor
#404 Change Simulation to 1080beam laser new mloebach enhancement minor
#408 plugins/mps-laser-gen dependencies new tim enhancement minor
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