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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#124 Skiller Multi-Channel Execution accepted bahram feature critical
#29 Thread performance/runtime assessment new AllemaniACs feature major
#39 Plugin dependencies assigned tim feature major 0.6
#45 Transparent multi-instance Fawkes new AllemaniACs feature major
#61 Interface allocation with dynamic field sizes new tim feature major 0.6
#80 Centralized vision configuration new tim enhancement major RC2009
#125 Skiller Dependency Enforcement accepted bahram feature major
#138 bbsync: support interface type and ID patterns new tim feature major
#139 skiller: create interfaces based on skill configuration reviewing tim enhancement major
#149 Deadlock on left-over semaphores new tim defect major
#367 NavGraph should optimally choose path start node new tim enhancement major
#371 ppgoto does not properly handle errors accepted jrothe defect major
#397 Lua 5.3 compatibility new tim enhancement major
#99 Consolidate plugins and tools new tim task minor 0.6
#113 Remove Nao hacks from V4L2Camera new tim defect minor
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