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Upgrading from Fedora 20 to 22/23

Things to consider when upgrading. Prepare your system with all the necessary packages are before for F20. Then follow the instructions below. I'm writing these down after I did these steps. So if you find anything missing add it to this page. Also consider this and this advice for fixing some F22 annoyances.


For now it is recommended to use the Lua 5.1 compatibility mode (until a newer tolua++ version has been pushed). To achieve this, do:

sudo rpm -e tolua++ tolua++-devel
sudo dnf install compat-lua compat-lua-devel compat-tolua++ compat-tolua++-devel

Note that this might be incompatible with roslua, as the installed Lua modules on the system require the newer ROS version. This will be fixed soonish in Fedora.

Further Libs for fresh installation

sudo dnf install sip-devel PyQt4-devel python-netifaces libxml libxml2-static libxml++-devel libxml++ python3-libxml2 libxml-devel libxml2 libxml2-devel python-lxml python3-lxml fltk \
   fltk-devel gnome-python2 collada-dom collada-dom-devel openCOLLADA python-collada python-empy poco-devel python-lz4 lz4 lz4-devel libuuid libuuid-devel uuid uuid-devel


Remove previous ROS version (backup if you need them). Then download and unpack the new version ros-fuerte-f22-20150904.tar.bz2 from the webdav folder.

cd /opt
rm -rf ros underlay-fuerte fuerte
tar xf ros-fuerte-f22-20150904.tar.bz2

Install the following packages if you haven't already.

sudo dnf install rospack rospack-devel python-rospkg python3-rospkg

Re-source your bashrc (or setup ROS altogether). To be on the safe side logout and back in or even reboot.


Make sure you completely clean all software from git repositories and rebuild it. Also make sure that you have the latest version. In particular llsf-refbox requires some fixes which are in the latest rcll2015 branch.

cd project
make clean
rm -rf libs
rm -rf plugins

Replace project with one of

  • fawkes-robotino
  • gazebo-rcll (plugins) - make in plugins/ folder
  • llsf-refbox

Make sure that you are using the latest required versions. At this time this is:

  • fawkes-robotino (master)
  • fawkes (master) + merge (timn/ros-hydro-indigo-jade)

Note: there will be warnings regarding deprecated std::auto_ptr. Unfortunately, this is further down the chain in glibmm so we cannot right away fix it. We can disable this warning, but this would disable it for every deprecation. We probably will go that route but for now just ignore the warning (and note that this specific warning does not trigger a build fail!).