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How to setup the on-board laptop

Carologistics Robotino Laptop Setup

For the Thinkpad X230 laptop that are put onto the Robotino certain setup steps are required.

System Installation and Configuration

System Services

Enable the SSH service by executing (as root):

systemctl enable sshd.service


You need to open several ports for incomig connections in the firewall, for example using the "Firewall" graphical tool. First, allow Multicast DNS (mDNS). This enables automated service discovery to detect Fawkes instances on the local network. Next add the following custom ports:

  • 8088/tcp: Webview web interface
  • 1910/tcp: Fawkes network protocol, e.g. plugin loading, config listing, or blackboard access.
  • 2208/tcp: Firestation network protocol, e.g. image transfer

Network Setup

The auto negotiation of Ethernet configuration parameters causes trouble between the laptop and the Robotino. Hence it must be disabled. To do so create the file /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/01-disable-autoneg as an executable file with the following content:


INTERFACE=$1 # The interface which is brought up or down
STATUS=$2 # The new state of the interface

if [ "$INTERFACE" != "em1" ]; then

case "$STATUS" in
    'up') # $INTERFACE is up
        /sbin/ethtool -s $INTERFACE speed 100 autoneg off
    'down') # $INTERFACE is down