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First steps towards a introduction to the system

The Carologistics system


The Robotinos are run with a combination of ROS and, obviously, Fawkes. These wiki-pages are meant to give you an overview over the complete system and insights on how things work together. Further documentation details hardware and sensors as well as how to start, initialize, and run the system. The base of the system is build by Fawkes plugins, which provide access to the sensors and actors, or provide mid level functionality as sensor data aggregation, localization, navigation and so on. Some of this functionality currently comes from ROS components. The plugins are generally written in C++. See the Carologistics/ListOfPlugins for details. High level Behavior is generated by the Behavior Engine developed by Tim (see here for the theoretical background). It is based on Hybrid State machines, also called skills, which are defined in Lua. The list of used skills can be found here.