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     1= Fawkes Console Tools = 
     2This is a list of Fawkes console tools. Note that many of these tools have man pages. 
     3= Fawkes GUI Tools = 
     4 [wiki:ConsoleTools/fawkes fawkes]:: 
     5  This is the Fawkes main application. 
     6 [wiki:ConsoleTools/ffbblog ffbblog]:: 
     7  [wiki:Plugins/bblog bblog] tool to print meta info, repair, watch logs etc. 
     8 [wiki:ConsoleTools/ffconfig ffconfig]:: 
     9  Command line configuration utility. 
     10 [wiki:ConsoleTools/ffifacegen ffifacegen]:: 
     11  Blackboard interface generator (XML processor). 
     12 [wiki:ConsoleTools/ffinfo ffinfo]:: 
     13  Command line version info about Fawkes. 
     14 [wiki:ConsoleTools/ffjoystick ffjoystick]:: 
     15  Listen to joystick changes or provide a local joystick to a remote Fawkes. 
     16 [wiki:ConsoleTools/ffkbjoystick ff]:: 
     17  Provide keyboard joystick. 
     18 [wiki:ConsoleTools/fflaser_deadspots fflaser_deadspots]:: 
     19  Laser dead spots (for example caused by rods) filter calibration. 
     20 [wiki:ConsoleTools/fflogview fflogview]:: 
     21  Remote log viewing. 
     22 [wiki:ConsoleTools/ffplugin ffplugin]:: 
     23  Load, unload, list, and monitor plugins. 
     24 [wiki:ConsoleTools/ffptu ffptu]:: 
     25  Control pan/tilt units via the [wiki:Plugins/pantilt pantilt] plugin. 
     26 [wiki:ConsoleTools/ffrefboxrep ffrefboxrep]:: 
     27  RoboCup referee box repeater. 
     28 [wiki:ConsoleTools/fvbb2gettric fvbb2gettric]:: 
     29  Get Triclops configuration file from Bumblebee 2 camera. 
     30 [wiki:ConsoleTools/fvbb2info fvbb2info]:: 
     31  Print info about connected Bumblebee 2 camera. 
     32 [wiki:ConsoleTools/fvbb2rectlut fvbb2rectlut]:: 
     33  Generate rectification lookup table mapping for Bumblebee 2 camera. 
     34 [wiki:ConsoleTools/fvcmpp fvcmpp]:: 
     35  !FireVision colormap post-processor. 
     36 [wiki:ConsoleTools/fvconverter fvconverter]:: 
     37  Convert images using FireVision. 
     38 [wiki:ConsoleTools/fvlistfwcams fvlistfvcams]:: 
     39  List connected Firewire cameras. 
     40 [wiki:ConsoleTools/fvshmem fvshmem]:: 
     41  Show or erase !FireVision shared memory buffers. 
     42 [wiki:ConsoleTools/fvstereodecoder fvstereodecoder]:: 
     43  Decode stereo images. 
     44 [wiki:ConsoleTools/skillet skillet]:: 
     45  Skiller instruction console tool. 
     46 [wiki:ConsoleTools/skillgui_batch_render skillgui_batch_render]:: 
     47  Render many dot graphs in one go.