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Updated instructions to Fedora 31 and updated AllemaniaAC to Carologistics

Fawkes on Fedora Linux

Fedora Logo Fedora Linux is our primary development platform. It has everything you need to get Fawkes up and running at its maximum potential. Some needed packages are maintained by Carologistics team members.

We ensure that Fawkes is running on all versions of Fedora that are still maintained, while we tend to focus our attention on the latest stable release. We have a build slave with the current development version of Fedora (called rawhide) to ensure that it will run on the next release without problems. We aim for compatibility with both, i386 and x86_64 platforms.

Fawkes has been included in Fedora. Therefore, it provides an easy way to install all available dependencies, or use a binary installation.

Dependencies for Source Installation and Development (Fedora 31)

Getting all dependencies is as easy as:

sudo dnf install fawkes-devenv

Dependencies for Source Installation and Development (Older Fedora Releases)

Getting all dependencies is as done via:

sudo dnf groupinstall development-tools development-libs
sudo dnf install fawkes-devenv

If you use Fedora 22 and higher

$ sudo rpm -e --nodeps tolua++ tolua++-devel
$ sudo dnf install compat-lua compat-lua-devel compat-tolua++ compat-tolua++-devel

If you use Fedora 28 and higher (to avoid a severe slowdown, cf. Fedora bug 1699234).

$ sudo dnf remove -y environment-modules


The easiest way to install ROS is to use the ROS COPR for Fedora. The installation instructions are on the COPR page.

If you cannot or do not want to use the COPR, follow the ROSOnFedora instructions.

After you installed and enabled ROS, compiling Fawkes will now enable the ROS integration. If you had compiled Fawkes before, do a make clean and build again.

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After everything is installed read the GettingStartedGuide on how to get started and hacking.