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Fawkes on Mac OS X

Mac OS X Logo from Wikipedia Mac OS X is a secondary development platform for Fawkes. Fawkes can be compiled and used, but several hardware drivers are not available, and the Lua sub-system is currently incomplete due to the lack of tolua++. A specific build type has to be used on Mac OS X as described below.

Getting the dependencies

To install Fawkes dependencies first XCode 3 with the Unix tool support needs to be installed. Afterwards, MacPorts are used for the required software packages. To checkout the source code the git source code management system must be installed. Confer their respective websites for installation instructions.

After MacPorts have been installed and are working, the following commands will install the available dependencies:

sudo port -d selfupdate

for p in file pkgconfig sqlite3 jpeg openssl avahi libdc1394 libpng libxmlxx2 \
   lua rrdtool graphviz libmicrohttpd libglademm gconfmm gtkmm cairomm asciidoc \
   libdaemon opencv; do \
  sudo port install $p; \

Checking out and compiling Fawkes

After the requirements are met, issue the following commands:

git clone git://
cd fawkes
make switch-buildtype-macosx
make -j2 all gui

Running Fawkes

After successful compilation, Fawkes can be run and used as usual. Please refer to other documentation like the GettingStartedGuide. Note however that flite is not available on Mac OS X, because it is not included in the MacPorts repositories.