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Fawkes on SUSE

SUSE can be used for development and deployment of Fawkes. This document describes how to install the prerequesites - mandatory and as many optional ones as known and available out-of-the-box on SUSE. This allows you to get up and running quickly and easily. We primarily focus on Fedora as our development platform but feedback and contributions to improve Fawkes on SUSE are welcome!

Getting the Dependencies

Getting all the dependencies is as easy as

sudo zypper install git-core vim asciidoc doxygen \
makedev bash-devel gcc-c++ libstdc++46-devel glibc-devel \
sqlite3-devel libopenssl-devel file-devel libavahi-devel \
libdaemon-devel gtkmm3-devel glibmm2-devel cairomm-devel \
libglademm-devel graphviz-devel rrdtool-devel opencv-devel \
gconfmm-devel libpng14-devel libjpeg62-devel libavahi-devel \
libxml++-2_6-2 libxml++-devel lua-devel tolua++ graphviz-devel

Build and running Fawkes

After the dependencies are installed you can continue with the Getting Started Guide on how to compile and run Fawkes.