Change History for GettingStartedGuide

Version Date Author Comment
10 14 months thofmann minor updates (yum instead of dnf, version, update urls, -jnproc)
9 2 years thofmann add bash completion info
8 8 years tim Added notitle to TOC macro, fixes, clarifications
7 8 years tim Rewrite for the current system
6 10 years tim Added *.lua and *.pl files to sample auto-props
5 11 years tim Added *.xml files to auto-props in svn config, please add if missing in …
4 11 years tim Added clarifications about the nao branch
3 11 years tim Updated URL to SVN Repo, added note about Nao branch
2 11 years tim Added short paragraph "Hacking on Fawkes"
1 12 years tim Initial revision