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C++ FAQ Lite
Tons and tons of knowledge about C++ coding, and it's entertaining, too! Many things that you should know. Beware, head may hurt if you hit it too often, may cause loss of hair if used without coffee. Absolute must-read!
C++ Reference
Although reference sounds too big it is a nice overview of the most asked questions about the API.
C++ STL Programmer's Guide
Detailed documentation about the C++ Standard Template Library (STL) by SGI.
GNU Make Manual
The GNU Make Manual, very useful for buildsystem and Makefile voodoo.
GNU Make Tricks
Informative Websites about things to consider when working with make. Several of these "tricks" have been used for the Fawkes build system.
Software Optimization Resources
Extensive documentation on how to optimize code for Intel and AMD CPUs.
POSIX Option Groups
Information about optional POSIX features and how to recognize if they are supported on a system and what functions are involved.

Links related to the GNU Compiler Collection.

GCC Documentation
All the documentation available for the GCC (released versions only).
C++ API Evolution
Read on how the API evolves to adapt the software to the changes.
GCC 4.3 Changes, Porting to GCC 4.3
Information about what has to be done to make the software compile and work with GCC 4.3.
C++0X status
Status of Experimental C++0x Support in GCC 4.3

Links related to the Lua scripting language used in the skill execution runtime (skiller plugin).

Lua Website
Main website for Lua.
Lua users wiki
Tons of good documentation, howtos, snippets and links to add-on packages.
Programming in Lua
First edition of the Lua book. Most is still relevant, a few things got changed though. It's worth buying and reading the second edition.
Lua reference manual
The Lua reference manual. Very handy, especially if you have it besides your laptop as a real book (really cheap!).
Interesting add-ons
Neko VM
An alternative to Lua with similar goals. We do not use it, but it may be worth a look.