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Festival Speech Synthesis Plugin

Integrates Festival speech synthesis software into Fawkes. You can use the SpeechSynthesisInterface or say skill to make the robot speak a user-supplied text.


BlackBoard Interfaces


Config Values

/plugins/festival/voicestringVoice to use for Festival speech synth, uses default if not set.nitech_us_bdl_arctic_hts
/plugins/festival/extra_codestringScheme code evaluated by Festival once on startup, cf. Festival manual.


BlackBoard Interfaces

  • SpeechSynthInterface::Festival

Compilation and Runtime Requirements

Note, that festival-devel is broken at least until Fedora 14. See Fedora Bug #242607 for the status of the fix.

Usage Instructions

Load the plugin, the robot will synthesize "Festival speech synth loaded". Then use the skiller plugin, for example with the default test skill space, and call the say skill with arbitrary strings and hear them being synthesized.