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ROS Plugin

This plugin provides an aspect to gain access to a ROS node handle to interact with the ROS system using its native API. After the plugin has been loaded other plugins can access ROS. For an example see the ros-talkerpub plugin, which implements the talker publisher for the /chatter topic described in the ROS publisher/subcriber C++ tutorial.


BlackBoard Interfaces


Config Values



BlackBoard Interfaces



This aspect can be used to gain access to the main ROS node handle.

Compilation and Runtime Requirements

  • Readily installed and usable ROS

Usage Instructions

Once the plugin is loaded, the ROS handle can be used. In combination with the ros-talkerpub example you can do:

fawkes -p ros,ros-talkerpub
# on a new console:
rostopic echo /chatter

This should print periodic messages containing a time stamp.