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ROS Webview Plugin

Note: This plugin has been deprecated and is no longer available in Fawkes (commit).

This plugin allows ROS nodes to extend the Fawkes webview web interface. Similar to Fawkes plugins registering with webview using the WebviewAspect, with this plugin ROS nodes can register with webview using ROS service calls for specific base-URLs. If a request for an URL beginning with the given prefix is received, a specific service of the registered ROS node is called to process the request and provide the response.

To use this from ROS the fawkes_msgs package must be available. It contains the messages to register with ros-webview as well as for processing requests.



ROS Services

/webview/register (WebviewUrlRegistration.srv)
Register a service name of type fawkes_msgs/WebviewProcessRequest that is called to register a new handler for a specific base-URL.
/webview/unregister (WebviewUrlRegistration.srv)
Unregister a specific base-URL.
/webview/add_nav_entry (WebviewNavRegistration.srv)
Add a navigation entry to the webview navigation.
/webview/remove_nav_entry (WebviewNavRegistration.srv)
Remove a navigation entry from the webview navigation.

Usage Instructions

Once the plugin is loaded nodes can register with webview and start processing requests. An example is provided in the webview_example package.