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Fawkes Time-Tracking Main Loop Plugin


BlackBoard Interfaces


Config Values

/fawkes/mainapp/max_thread_timeunsigned intMaximum time in miliseconds a single thread may take until it is considered broken.*
/fawkes/mainapp/desired_loop_timeunsigned intDesired time in miliseconds a single loop iteration should take. The main loop will run at most as fast as this time, if a cycle takes longer a warning is printed*
/ttmainloop/output_intervalunsigned intTime in seconds after which the data is averaged, printed to stdout and written to the time.log file. Defaults to 5 seconds.*


BlackBoard Interfaces



time.log file in BINDIR with timing data.


The plugin replaces the standard main loop with a similar loop that has additional time tracking features. It measures the time spent in the different hooks via the TimeTracker class. In specified intervals (see config values) the data is averaged for the interval, printed to stdout for manual observation and written to a file called time.log in BINDIR. That file has the following entries:

  1. Running number
  2. Times per hook. The hooks are in the standard main loop order. The recorded times per hook are:
    1. Average time (seconds)
    2. Average time (mili seconds)
    3. Average time (summed seconds, contains the hook time summed with all previous hook's times of the particular cycle, useful for histograms)
    4. Deviation (seconds)
    5. Deviation (miliseconds)

Compilation and Runtime Requirements


Usage Instructions

  • Build the plugin
  • Load the plugin, main loop is replaced, depending on the interval time information about hook run-time is printed and time.log is written.
  • Use the chart.gnuplot script in the ttmainloop directory to plot the data with gnuplot chart.gnuplot (time.log file must be in the current directory).