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Webview Plugin

This plugin provides a web interface for Fawkes. URL processors can be registered to provide and extend functionality. The plugin itself allows for listing, loading and unloading plugins, and to view blackboard data and log messages. It drives the WebviewAspect, in that it uses the URL and navigation managers to get a list of processors and navigation entries and expose them via the webinterface. This is used for example by the rrdweb plugin? to show RRD generated graphs on a page.


BlackBoard Interfaces

No particular interface is required, but all that exist can be viewed.

Config Values

/webview/portunsigned intTCP port to list on for HTTP connections8088*


BlackBoard Interfaces



Although the aspect is part of the Fawkes framework, this plugin provides the run-time to expose the registered web pages.


A web interface which can be accessed with a browser to monitor and control Fawkes.

Compilation and Runtime Requirements

  • libmicrohttpd

Usage Instructions

Once the plugin is loaded, access the web interface with a web browser. A message in the log file will announce which port is used. By default it will be 8088, if you access Fawkes on your own host, go to http://localhost:8088. The website is also announced via mDNS-SD as "Fawkes Webview on HOSTNAME" (_http._tcp).

Once you access the web interface, you will see the most recent log messages. The navigation bar at the top below the logo will contain the entries "BlackBoard" and "Plugins". If following the "BlackBoard" link you can view and inspect all information currently stored in the blackboard. Note that if you loaded only the Webview plugin there are no interfaces, yet. The "Plugins" page takes you to a list of all plugins, their current state and the option to load or unload plugins.

Once other plugins like rrdweb? are loaded, navigation entries may appear for additional pages.