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Using the CLIPS Executive with PDDL

GIT Branches to use

  • core repository: common/current-clips-executive-pddl
  • fawkes-robotino repository: common/labrpxlr-visit-all-pddl

Running Hello World

You'll need to clone the core repository into a separate directory to avoid copying all configs to fawkes-robotino. You can do this with:

  1. cd ~
  2. git clone
  3. cd fawkes
  4. make -j`nproc` -l`nproc` all gui

To run the hello world domain:

  1. cd ~/fawkes
  2. Run ./bin/fawkes -d clips skiller flite webview clips-webview mongodb robot-memory pddl-robot-memory clips_robot_memory pddl-planner clips-executive