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Using the CLIPS Executive with PDDL

GIT Branches to use

  • core repository: common/current-clips-executive-pddl
  • fawkes-robotino repository: common/labrpxlr-visit-all-pddl


As before, visit all machines on the field. In contrast to the last task, we now use a PDDL planner for creating the plan. Adapt your code to use the PDDL planner to visit all the machines of your team.

In a second step, we will start having failing goto actions. You will need to monitor for these failing actions and come up with some recovery behavior.

Running Hello World

You'll need to clone the core repository into a separate directory to avoid copying all configs to fawkes-robotino. You can do this with:

  1. cd ~
  2. git clone
  3. cd fawkes
  4. git checkout -b clips-executive-pddl origin/thofmann/clips-executive-pddl
  5. make -j`nproc` -l`nproc` all gui

To run the hello world domain:

  1. cd ~/fawkes
  2. Run
    ./bin/fawkes -d clips skiller flite  webview clips-webview mongodb robot-memory pddl-robot-memory clips_robot_memory pddl-planner clips-executive