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Docker images for the simulation competition

How to create a Docker image for your code

You can find a base Dockerfile in the labrpxlr branch of the forked docker-robotics repository:

$ git clone -b labrpxlr

There are multiple Dockerfiles and images; the most relevant for you is the fawkes-robotino image. Based on the fawkes-robotino Dockerfile, you will create your own image that will be used in the competition. To do this:

$ cd docker-robotics/fawkes-robotino
$ docker build --pull -v $SSH_AUTH_SOCK:/ssh-agent -f ./Dockerfile.2017-f27-kinetic-git --build-arg GIT_HEAD=<group_branch> --build-arg GIT_CORE_HEAD=<group_core_branch> -t<group_name>/fawkes-robotino:latest .

where <group_name> is your group name, e.g., labrpxlr1. If you didn't do any changes to the fawkes core, GIT_CORE_HEAD should be common/current-clips-executive-rcll.

Pushing the image to the registry

A registry is similar to a repository and contains Docker images. We have our own registry for the competition.

To access the registry, you will receive credentials via e-mail. To log in, you need to:

$ docker login
Username: <group_name>
Password: <group_password>

After you built the image successfully, you can push it to the KBSG registry:

$ docker push<group_name>/fawkes-robotino:latest