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Fawkes Projects

This page links to projects on a specific topic, for example related to a lab course or student project work.

Lab Course Interactive Games and Robots WS2011/2012 @ KBSG, RWTH Aachen University
This lab course culminated in a game. A user instructs Robotino movements with his/her body using a custom body detection module. A service robot observes the Robotino position with a Kinect. The task is now to guide the Robotino along a virtual path within certain bounds. The service robots verifies compliance to these constraints and awards success or calls "Game Over".
Lab Course Robot Communication and Coordination WS2012/2013 @ KBSG, RWTH Aachen University
The goal of this lab course is to design, develop and test methods to implement communication facilities for intelligent robot agents. The scenario is the RoboCup Logistics League Sponsored by Festo for a group of up to three cooperating robots. By the end of the semester a demonstration should show how the communication facilities can be used to coordinate the robots to cooperatively solve a specific task.