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RCLL and ROS Integration

This page gives describes a ROS integration for the RoboCup Logistics League (RCLL). This is then extended to cover the Fawkes-based RCLL simulation. The instructions should be compatible with ROS indigo, jade, and kinetic.

The description is based on several projects and ROS packages:

The description starts with a general description of the RCLL integration (which might be used for communicating with the referee box from ROS). The second part then describes the integration with the simulation.

Referee Box Communication through ROS

This bases on the ROS packages rcll_ros, rcll_ros_msgs, and rcll_refbox_peer. First, create a catkin workspace. We assume it to be named ~/robotics/ros/catkin_ws_kinetic. Note that the rcll_refbox_peer package requires fawkes-robotino or the refbox to be available (to find protobuf_comm and llsf_msgs). See the respective installation instructions.

Then add the packages like so:

cd ~/robotics/ros/catkin_ws_kinetic/src
git clone rcll_ros
git clone rcll_ros_msgs
git clone rcll_refbox_peer
cd ..

Afterwards, see the rcll_refbox_peer wiki page and use the example launch files to run the refbox peer node.


To successfully move the Robotino the ROS package robotino_move_base is needed. See the instructions at Carologistics/move_base to install.

Setting up the Simulation

This requires that the simulation setup has been completed and you can run the simulation. This also fulfills the requirements for fawkes-robotino. Add the packages to your catkin workspace and build them

cd ~/robotics/ros/catkin_ws_kinetic/src
git clone rcll_fawkes_sim_msgs
git clone rcll_fawkes_sim
git clone
cd ..

Then follow the rcll_fawkes_sim instructions to run the simulation integration.