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RCLL Referee Box (refbox)

The Referee Box (refbox) controls, monitors, and evaluates the game. We have tried to make the refbox as autonomous as possible, ideally allowing it for an automated evaluation of the game. Textual and graphical user interfaces allow for human instruction and supervision. This is in particular required in unexpected situations (e.g. humans need to stop the game if a robot catches fire) or where perceptual input is not available (a puck is moved out of the are of a machine which is still waiting for more goods).

This page is used to host documentation for the refbox.

How to install the refbox on Fedora or Ubuntu.
Configuration options of the refbox.
Usage Instructions
How to run and use the refbox.
Report a Problem
How to report a problem in a useful manner.

Communicating with the RCLL refbox

From Java (protobuf_comm_java)
Communicate with the RCLL refbox via Java.