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Adding a new User

  1. On marley, log in as root
  2. Run kinit <your_username>
  3. Run new-user-data <group_name> to find out the UID/GID to use
  4. Run
    $ ipa user-add --noprivate --first="<firstname>" --last="<lastname>" --homedir="/home/<user>" --shell="/bin/bash" --email=<user_email> --uid=<uid> --gidnumber=<gid> --manager=<your_username> --title="Student Worker|Lab Student|..." <username>
  5. For lab students, we use:
    • username: lab<labacronym>$i, e.g., labrpxlr1
    • firstname: Lab<LABACRONYM>$year, e.g., LabRPXLR2017
    • lastname: $i, e.g., 1
    • home: /home/praktikum/<username>
    • email: <username>
  6. Create the home directory
  7. Copy files from /etc/skel and adapt permissions
  8. Generate SSH key for the new user
  9. Add user to repositories if necessary
  10. Reset user password in IPA